We have many New
US Coins & Currency items Daily with each New Estate we Acquire!

Our WISH Program allows you to visit our retail location located in NC, USA from anywhere in the world without ever leaving your home!
We have a large inventory too many to list here
That is why we ask you to email & tell us what you're looking for use our contact us page or email direct to:  JRH@MYMILLIONSITE.Com

This the VERY least expensive way to
or even at our Auction sites
We Search our inventory or Find your items Then we will send you the pictures settle on a discounted price and then you pay one price direct without any auction fees, Paypal Fees Or Shipping Cost This will make your collectable item even more Valuable From Day One!



There are several way to make your money grow even though there is NO Easy Way:
Work for it,  Inherit it, Win the lottery
 In most cases the odds are either against you or it can be illegal...

The Best Way Is & Will Always Be:
Is to Save Your Money and  Purchase Items that will Increase Their value
at Lower than Retail Prices

whether you collect Coins, Currency, Estate items, Silver, Gold or
Just looking for the perfect gift we have something for everyone

just email to 

and I will be happy to send you all the information you need

We Offer Several Items Collected from:

Estate's, Reclaimed storage units, & Salvaged Company Inventories all of these have always provided a Great link to the past , Treasures are Always a great investment for the future. These also include Precious and Semi-Precious Stones - Silver & Gold Coins - Raw Metals - Fine Jewelry & Many Other Assorted Collectibles That will grow in value for many years to come.

When we started Gold was around $300.00 an ounce &  you needed over 200 Pounds of gold for it to be worth a Million Dollars  The Silver Dime was Only worth a Dime. Now Gold is on the way to $2000.00 an ounce now The Silver Dime has increased in value by Over 250% and Now a Five dollar roll of Dimes is Worth Well over $125.00 Very Soon it won't take a lot to be worth a Million Dollars unless you depend on the government 

some old saying states that every long Journey Starts with but a single Step.
This is also the best and only way to secure your Future
Just start with Your FIRST Ounce! or the first Coin!

If you're a collector but you don't have the funds to own the best try our replica items
they look the same to fill any vacant slot in your collection at half the price of the original


you can find all our items estate items Jewelry, coins,and collectables or currency at our photobucket album link 

    Feel free to look at all of the products listed if a link has not been placed on our Shopping cart
use the contact us link for your questions

MyMillionSite's album on Photobucket

To make it easy for all of our customers here is a shipping estimate for assorted services this is for USA Prices international shipping rates vary due to your location if you need a quote please use the Contact Us page with your shipping location

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